I use Uber and UberEats, so the recent news about a 2016 Uber data breach really hits close to home. Hackers stole the names, e-emails, and phone numbers of 57 million Uber riders and drivers along with driver license numbers of around 600,000 drivers.  What’s really scary is that according to hackmageddon.com the Uber attack was […]

We’re really happy to announce our September 2018 release update. If you’ve got any questions about the product or future features, just shoot us a message via email or social media (Facebook, Twitter). Don’t forget you can download the latest version and enjoy a large set of new features that give your business the best secure […]

  I love analytic services like GROW.COM because they make it super simple for teams to become more productive through data insights; however, a lot of businesses find it hard to fully utilize these cloud services because of security concerns. The two key security concerns businesses have are: How to securely expose the database to […]

I have a webcast next week on database benchmarking for any who might want to attend: Database Benchmarking: Miseries, Myths and Misconceptions Wed, Jul 25 2018 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time Database Administration Virtual Group > Home 

Every DBA has at some point asked: “What the heck happened to my database?” In this blog, we’ll review some of the more common scenarios where some little detail slips through the proverbial crack and that often results in some kind of database anomaly which momentarily raises tensions and blood pressures. Supposedly nothing is new […]

It’s not uncommon to observe rampant over reliance of database application code on TEMP tables, most often as a SQL language programming crutch. I have a theory as to why. Programmers are chiefly taught record oriented or “record at a time” processing logic as for accessing data. Some lucky students might experience some exposure to […]

When is data less valuable? How do you manage data as it becomes less valuable? In the good old days the answer to these questions was easy; it was simply based on what the company was willing to pay for relatively expensive onsite disk space. So while a company might prefer to keep data around […]

If you ever need for a simple, light weight and absolutely free data migration tool then you should try Data Puppy Lite. It offers the ability to migrate a schema at a time from a source to target database, and it supports the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Data Puppy Lite automatically handles […]