I use Uber and UberEats, so the recent news about a 2016 Uber data breach really hits close to home. Hackers stole the names, e-emails, and phone numbers of 57 million Uber riders and drivers along with driver license numbers of around 600,000 drivers.  What’s really scary is that according to hackmageddon.com the Uber attack was […]

Probably one of the most often discussed and hotly debated topics in both data modeling and database design is that of normalization. Many database designers, architects, DBA’s and senior developers have differing positions and/or beliefs on the topic. However quite unfortunately, they often are not communicating with optimal effectiveness due to some fundamental differences in […]

Oracle’s Parallel Query Option (PQO) is a fantastic tool. But much like any good tool, it can very easily be used in the wrong situation or simply abused. In those cases, PQO can actually make database performance much worse. Let’s examine some common misuses or misperceptions regarding optimal and efficient PQO usage. PQO make sense […]

As with many facets of life, database benchmarking has several myths or “urban legends” that need summarily dispelled.  So I’m going to write a few short blogs focusing one by one on some of these misunderstood database benchmarking issues. Note that I am not preaching that database benchmarking is a worthwhile task, because there are […]

Lately I’ve been seeing what I think might be an interesting yet disturbing new trend: whenever there’s a problem that initially seems unusual and/or unexplainable, it’s not uncommon to quickly question virtualization as a potential source of the issue. I fully understand that virtualization adds a new variable to the basic equation – and represents […]

Servers everywhere are being virtualized. Yet many DBA’s are hesitant to embrace virtualized database servers. I’ve been mystified by this anomaly, so I’ve asked those opposed for their rationale. While there are numerous arguments against, basically two pervasive themes surface from amongst all the replies. First and foremost, DBA’s almost universally claim that their databases […]

There’s no fighting progress. Decades ago database administrators managed and controlled everything – the OS, network, storage and database. Times have changed and DBAs have had to evolve (i.e. accept) well established principles of economics, namely specialization. Thus we have network administrators, storage administrators, virtualization administrators and database administrators. While it’s rarely very comforting to […]

Sometimes information systems professionals can get “caught up” in our own worlds. For example, project managers and their developers might focus on latest and greatest application development methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP) or Agile Development. Likewise enterprise architects might be adopting some new or updated modeling conventions. While database administrators (DBA’s) are often engaged […]