September 26, 2018

Cirro September 2018 Release

We’re really happy to announce our September 2018 release update.
If you’ve got any questions about the product or future features, just shoot us a message via email or social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Don’t forget you can download the latest version and enjoy a large set of new features that give your business the best secure database access.

Contact for a free 30-day cloud trial


Easier and safer connections with native drivers

Stop giving out database credentials and allow users to login securely with a single multi-factored login.

Secure Connect now supports native client-side database drivers for Oracle, MS SQL Server, and all databases that use the Postgres wire protocol. Easily enabled multi-factor authentication.

  • Nothing to install on the client
  • No changes to the database server or user permissions are required
  • Works on all supported Oracle, SQL Server, and Postgres versions
  • Works on databases that implement the Postgres wire protocol
  • Oracle wallet not required
  • Audit trail of all SQL is kept

Protect programmatic access with policies

Protect your programmatic and cloud service logins. Rules can ensure logins only work from their respective application IP addresses. And get notified by setting email and app notifications with standard web hook support.

Rules can be made on day of week, time of day, target database, roles, netmask, IP, and login name.

Azure Directory, Active Directory, DUO and SAASPASS Multi-Factor Integration

Do you use Azure Directory (OAuth), Active Directory (LDAP), DUO, or SAASPASS? Integrate them with Cirro and your staff can use their existing logins to connect to your databases.

Network Accessibility

Easily access your databases across all your networks via your Cirro server. No need to install bridging agents or complex solutions. Cirro makes it easy to integrate with existing VPN servers, SSH Tunnels, and L2TP/IPsec servers.

Cirro Time Based One Time Passwords

Cirro comes with a free built-in one-time password service, which when combined with Google Authenticator provides you with the cheapest database multi-factor solution in the market.



So there it is our latest release update overview.

Why not head over to the registration page, install a 30 day trial and have a look for yourself?

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